Dao of House-Hunting under Retrograde Mercury in Virgo

Dao of Endless Portals
Portals and Paths

The dao of house-hunting continues. I will soon start another round of house-hunting. I have been scouting neighborhoods up to this point. Now the quest is sign a contract for a home for me and my Doberman.

Each time I complete one step of this journey, I pass through another of the endless portals toward living my dao.

My excitement is growing.

I have taken this condo apartment as far as I can, unless I spend big money for a new kitchen and bath to make the place sparkle.

Those are not cost-effective investments.

I love the thrill of the chase in finding things to turn my home into a Bohemian fantasy. Enjoying the dao of the journey is more magical and fulfilling than reaching a goal.

Proof: I have a made-to-order sofa and loveseat purchased when I and a life partner were making good money. It wasn’t nearly as much fun as finding quirky resales.  Imagining what I might do in my next home delights my imagination.

Astrology, Synchronicity, and My Dao

Many astrologers have lists of things we are not to do during a retrograde Mercury. Such lists include large purchases and signing contracts.

I don’t see my dao that way. My rising sign is Virgo.  Slowing down my natal Mercury in Gemini is a good thing.  I am getting a lot of complicated financial paperwork cleared away, things that I have put off for years in some cases.

House-hunting has been in the works since March.  My decision will be neither sudden nor impulsive. House-hunting requires attention to details: Mercury retrograde in picky Virgo, completing plans developed months ago, strikes me as just right.

The contract will not ultimately be enacted until October, if I can help it. I will write as many weasel clauses into it as I can.

In the meantime, my life is aborning. I feel it in my molecules. My dao — so far — is showing me the way.

We Are Holograms of Stardust

My sense of a dao assumes that we are all holograms of stardust, ultimately connected via our breath to everything else in the universe. Synchronicity — meaningful coincidences — are sometimes related to the signs and symbols of the zodiac. These, in turn, embody many of the great archetypal themes of the collective consciousness. I read these patterns according to my personal inner guidance, aware of what “they” say and attuned to what my inner wisdom speaks.