Fantasy Meets Reality: The Dao of Pushing Through

Four hours, a dozen properties, an intense drive through the neighborhood I favor, and fantasy meets reality. I have arrived at the dao of pushing through.

Staircase with Trophies, NYPL Digital Collection
Staircase with Trophies, NYPL Digital Collection

Goals and dreams are the wellspring of vitality. Without them, a person might as well be dead. It’s important in late life to have another project on the horizon.

The desire that illuminates my quest is having a well-trained, well-bred Doberman Pinscher.

Affordable homes for myself and my faithful companion are, so far, underwhelming. A home can look good when the photograph crops out every undesirable aspect.

One is next-door to a double-wide mobile with a platoon of kiddies’ bikes and a tree house on the property line.

A place with a hoard of screaming children on the other side of the fence is not a habitat for me.

Many homes are on run-down streets where people are just getting by and not bothering to clean junk out of the yards.

Who lives in a mansion with 18 rusted cars littered about the acreage?

Another is too close to the airport, others too far from town — if I have not one objection, I have another.

The dao I fantasize is challenged by the dao of my reality.

St. Augustine with its ancient old city, bars and restaurants, proximity to woods, and old friends’ nearby is desirable not only to me but many. It’s a hot real estate marker.

There is a dream analysis group, a center that offers sewing lessons. Dog training lessons are a bit far away, south in Daytona Beach. That club is one of the best with day and evening classes; most training classes are in the evenings.

Next I take my quest southward, to the northern exurbs of Daytona. Pushing through discouragement when fantasy meets reality, and reality is less than I hoped it might be, also is part of the dao.