Hard Choices

Hard choices are choices that require sacrifice. Taking one path forecloses on an other, equally appealing choice.

The vantage of being an old dame is accepting the opportunity costs and the consequences of one’s actions.

My Christmas Doberman, who has decided her name is XsaXsa — more trendily transcribed Xsa2 — was a long time coming, a long time planning.

Sacrifice,Choice, and the Dao

The plan was not without its costs.

I will not have the means to travel much, not that I was every particularly good at it. I may not be able to have some of the nice appurtances of my condo such as modern energy efficient appliances and upscale flooring.

Sacrifice has a special role in trying to live a dao. One develops maturity to accept one cannot “have it all”, in the words of the popular phrase.

Having It All Is Exhausting

In any event, it is exhausting to have it all; because the it of the popular vernacular is heavy with achievement and acquisition.

The it of my seeking includes heavy doses of relaxing and being relaxful. A seven-month-old Dobergirl needs a good deal less relaxing than I. She will teach me, and I will teach her.

That perfect it sought by me or anyone is always elusive, another step away on the dao. A step to the right forecloses a step to the left; no one can be in two places at once — yet.