Solstice: Hexagram 36 Darkening of the Light

The latest crinkle in my total life change Doberman Project is money. One of my required sources of income has been sold, and I’ve not been offered a contract for 2017. So I face a new challenge in this time of waiting and planning.

Looking for guidance from the dao using the I Ching, this dame turns to hexagram 36, Ming I, in the Wilhelm translation, darkening of the light.

Solstice has long been a time of wonder and miracles with customs that go back even before recorded time. People recognize the rebirth of the sun and the coming rebirth of the seasons in the Northern hemisphere.

Darkening of the Light of Democracy

This year is especially dark as the foundation of our democracy — a product of the en-light-enment — is threatened from within by the rising force of fascism.

The notes counsel there are frequent references to wounding in this hexagram. Those who shout for dismantling or the social safety net, their faces filled with hatred in giant arenas, feel wounded as well as those who are concerned with the survival of civil rights.

What to Do When Darkness Falls

“Here a man of dark nature is in a position of authority and brings harm to the wise and able man,” states the I Ching mirroring the rise of an authoritarian personality to the White House.

We are advised to persevere and veil our light in dark times. “One should let many things pass without being duped.”

A resurgence of light is promised. “But in the end it perishes of its own darkness, for evil must itself fall at the very moment it has wholly overcome the good, and the consumed the energy to which it owed its duration.”

For my part, I must wait to find another source of income to replace the one that has shriveled before I can enact my total life change and meet the Doberman of my heart.