The Christmas Doberman

Molli (Melrae’s California Girl) arrived on Solstice.

Her tummy was a little upset. Whose wouldn’t be after being bounced around in a crate for 9 hours or so.

She was good-natured about it, asking to go out several times during the night. I missed one of her calls: My bad; I didn’t respond quickly enough. She tried, poor thing.

I’ve learned a new thing: Worms can lie dormant and be activated by stress.

Now that we are deworming, she is a typical lively Doberman puppy.

Dobergirls Just Wanna Have Fun

She loves to run around the walled courtyard, barking her head off. I am teaching her to recognize ordinary sounds of neighborhood life. I don’t want neighbors terrified to walk past this house!

I’m quickly recalling that few toys survive those powerful jaws — and certainly not the children’s Turtle and Christmas Bear. Ball and the tough bone have done better.

Total Life Change in 8 Days

I finished my last teaching contract in Fort Lauderdale,  moved to Melbourne, FL, five days lates, and two days after that, Molli The Divine Miss M, came into my life.

I planned for this for a long while. It feels good to have things come together.

Looking Forward to Training

A main joy of having a Doberman is training together so that we move and act as a team. Classes resume in the New Year.

After intense weeks of packing for the move from condo inhospitable to doggies to a house, I’ve gotten most of what I need out of boxes.

It will take weeks to put the pieces of the puzzle of a household back together. So Mollie and I are enjoying a few days of holiday rest and getting to know each other.

Happy holidays, peace and blessings to all.