The Dao, Patience, and Planning

The dao of moving forward toward my goal of total life change — making a home for

Roselane Bull ceramic object
Roselane Bull

a Doberman Pinscher companion and me — is testing my patience. My astrological avatar, Taurus the Bull, is supposedly both patient and a bit lazy.


I plead guilty to the latter. Dog obedience training helped me develop patience. How can anyone be mad when a Doberman is so eager to please and fixes me with those soulful brown eyes?


I have been looking for home opportunities online. Home buying isn’t easy in my low price range. Satellite street view is my friend surveying neighborhoods.

Patience and Information Gathering

Another part of my total life change planning is contacting Training Clubs up and down the Florida East Coast and

getting lots of good information.

Isn’t email and the Internet wonderful? It would have taken so much longer to do this by phone.

I want to live near enough to a strong training center so that commuting doesn’t become discouraging.

The dao of patience and total life change planning dictates an upcoming trip to look firsthand for my new home.

It is interesting to notice how my home buying interests have changed over the years. Young buyers want a home that is pretty. They want a home that reflects their tastes.

Planning and Asking the Right Questions

Now I want to know: How old is the roof?

How old is the air-conditioning system? How old is the water heater?

These are not sexy. They are expensive. These are things that matter, not the color of the walls or whether I like the appliances. Those are easy fixes.

I am chafing to start my new life. It’s not time yet for my total life change to be in effect.

This too is part of my dao.  It is my journey. My patient planning is more thorough that for almost any other move in my life. My Doberman companion awaits. What a great time we are going to have together!

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