Total Life Change: Research and Planning

Total life change is likely to go better with research and planning. The foundation reassures me of the dao.

The truth is that sometimes this old dame feels overwhelmed by what I’ve done. The cozy comforts of my condo are swept away.

There are times when I ask myself, “What have I done? Have I taken on too much?”

I always come back to a sureness that this is what I want. I wouldn’t feel that way, I suspect, if I had rushed into things.

During the five years I searched for a retirement home, I considered many places in Florida. In the last 18 months, my planning changed because I knew I wanted to share my life with a well-bred Doberman.

Planned Changes May Happen Quickly

In the blink of an eye, I went from living in a condo that had efficiency appliances, excellent insulation, and most everything where I wanted it, to living in a drafty mid-century modern home trying to fit the puzzle pieces of my home back together.

Within 48 hours, I went from sleeping as late as I wanted to getting up every two hours for my puppy who had an upset tummy from her long flight.

This dame worries about many things. My Dobergirl nuzzles my hand, and I know I have done the right thing. She trots around the room madly squeaking her ball when I talk on the phone, and I know the stress of Total Life Change is worth it.

Planning Prepares One for Second Thoughts

Total Life Change is not necessarily a walk on the beach. One becomes unmoored from much that is familiar and comforting.

Research and planning prepared me for the occasions when I have doubts and fears. One must have a foundation on which to build the new and feel the dao.